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ALWYN: a master percussionist with the champion stick grip

EXCUSE me, who’s that master drummer? That’s the very first question anyone with expert hearing for quality drumming would ask the event organizer when Alwyn’s crazy signature DOUBLE STROKE ROLLS hit their ears. Alwyn is, in fact, one of Ghana’s “can’t-be-done-away-with” percussionists when it comes to major concerts and corporate gigs. He’s a big mention in the country’s shortlist band references, and has soared far away from “overlooked” to “overbooked” --- a platinum height many young drummers aspire to reach.


Alwyn is such a highly talented drummer --- one well endowed with the ability to perform rhythmic wonders with his sticks; be it thunderous rolls, flams, drags, rim, knocks, whatever. With his strong musical vocabulary and artistic creativity, Alwyn makes sophisticated rhythms come easily --- a proof that he patiently mastered his craft using proper techniques and he cherishingly dedicated his genius to his practice regime in firm discipline.

Watching him play behind the drum kit at a jam session sparks your thirst for more of him, as his energetic muscle motion attracts both your sight and hearing.

Ever since his drumming assumed a professional turn, he’s served the Ghanaian musical industry and beyond for 13 years and still counting.

Personal Quote
“Even with two weak match sticks and a wet matchbox, I can play the world a loud mystic rhythm that can get all earthlings jamming until hell is frozen” --- Alwyn boldly brags, making a happy reference to his super trusted drumming skills.

Early Life

Alwyn begun making raw rhythms at a very tender age improvising and experimenting with anything that could produce sound, but he drew extra admiration from a hi-life band in his grandmother’s hometown, Asamankese --- a town in the Eastern region of Ghana.

Way back in basic school, he was notorious for beating the classroom desks and his books, an act he got punished for several times, but he just couldn’t stop this nuisance --- whatever the risk.

Growing up as a playful child, Alwyn would gather his mother's sauce pans and beat rhythms on them like drums, but this daily after-school routine infuriated his mother badly that she would spank him hard on his backside as a punishment for disfiguring her kitchen utensils. This was clearly little Alwyn's unspoken request for a pet drum, but Mama Gladys couldn't discern his son's ticket to musicship all that time until his adolescence when she realized she gave birth to a natural drummer.


Alwyn has been greatly influenced by the teachings of Dr. Mensa Otabil, Lucky Dube, Bob Marley,Sizzla, drummers like CC Frank, Frank Kissi, Kweku Osei and successful musicians like Ebo Taylor, Panji, Dela Botri, and Afro Moses. He’s also indebted to Knii Lante for the early mentorship he got from him in his membership with the Big Hills band.

Alwyn relates that the Grammy award winning drummer, Mike Clemons, is his supreme influence, as far as his drumming skills can go, and meeting with Mike Clemons was a wild dream fulfilled. He had another wonderful feeling meeting Gramps of Morgan Heritage, as the group also inspires him greatly.


After his university education at the University of Ghana, graduate Alwyn worked with Abibigroma, a theatre play group, and that fetched him the chance to perform at the “Ghana at 50” plays at the National Theatre, Ghana.

He has successfully managed Riddim Kings band from 2009 till now.

He has shared stage with Knii Lante, Mutabaruka, Sizzla, Anthony B, Movado, Busy Signal and a lot more famous names in reggae-dancehall. Also, he has officially played for Kojo Kombolo, Norrisman, Jah Turban, Commander Messiah, Turbulence, just to list a few.

Alwyn was part of the official band for Kwame Nkrumah’s 21st Anniversary celebration at the Independence Square, Ghana, in 2007.

Alwyn has as well worked with Ras Kwasi Baako [Shirinshirinshi Band, USA] and President Khecks Pongo [SOZ Band, Ghana]

At ICGC [International Central Gospel Church] where he worships, Alwyn has been the video supervisor for Christ Temple, his church branch, since 2014 till date. He drums for the church, aside other mini roles.

Band Membership History

Shirinshirinshi: 2003-2005

SOZ: 2004-date.

Vibration Kings ;2007-2013.

Riddim Kings: 2010-date.

Big Hills Band 2015-date.

Currently, Alwyn plays with the Big Hills band --- that’s where he has his main stay, but he prostitutes with other bands on the side as well. He’s the band leader at Big Hills and Riddim Kings. He still plays for the Zamar band.

Tour History

Touring is one of the blissful constants that fuels the drummer’s guts and gets his pulse wildly motivated. Such a wild motivation adds great meaningfulness to his career that Alwyn aspires to tour the world on a musical mission to touch lives with a healing positive impact and live as a role model to mentor many protégés.

Great Alwyn has played in Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast, other African countries and in Europe on tour. He played in Denmark at the Aarhus Day festival in 2013 with a gospel choir.

Just recently, he represented Ghana in Gambia on the ticket of the Big Hills band for the Black Consciousness Tour Phase 1 --- a concert organized by the African Diasporas in the states with the aim to use the proceeds to aid the establishment of a music and performance theatre in West Africa.


As though drumming isn’t enough talent, Alwyn aims to explore the other sides of the musical prism; he not only aspires to be the world number 1 drummer for reggae music, but he also longs to become the best reggae music producer and a devout advocate for moral living. It’s a no surprise news hearing that Alwyn owns a record label --- that’s one of his big dreams.

Find Alwyn

Alwyn can be contacted via the following social media handles:

Facebook: Alwyn Akrofi-Quarcoo

Twitter: @paapaan11

Instagram: @awillo

Whatsapp [or call]: +233-500-003-947 or +233-244-962-812

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   f: Regula Regula

            c or w: +233 277-368-238

t: 13play_net

i: 13play.nett

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