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Moking disagrees with 13play.net on Alkaline article

Reading an article that sought to create impression that RASTAS in GH are against the coming to town of the renowned JAMAICAN dancehall artist alkaline, to me it ought to be put in the right perspective.
The headline is misleading and their point of call lack substance.two people's views and opinions can't represent the entire RASTA fraternity in even Accra let alone the whole GH.
The said rastas in the article,raised three points of concerned which to me is valid because all of us has the right to erred our concerns but let's put their concerns into critical scrutiny and see whether it will stand a test of time.
The said RASTA mentioned alkaline skin bleaching as one factor of their boycott.
     Accepted,as conscious African youth I opposed to any skin bleaching in any form or shape but let's put it under scrutiny and see the effect alkaline bleaching will have on the youths,
     Already the youths have seen pictures and videos of alkaline on various platforms,so is not his coming down personally to GH that will make the youths bleached or do otherwise.don't forget we living in a country where bleaching creams and soaps sells more than tomatoes which can't be blame on alkaline coming to GH.
When it comes to skin bleaching,alkaline won't be the first artist who has bleached and coming to GH for a show.over here in GH,we have a lot of personalities who have bleached and are seen in the media from day to day Either advising or doing something productive for the youths and yet no one has seemed to complained or opposes to their various roles they held or  play in society. So if skin bleaching is part of their concerned,then I think it can't stand
About akailine been misguided and not projecting pan African values,
    When it comes to pan Africanism it must be discussed in a context.
As an artist,everyone and his messages that he seek to project and if ones message don't seem to be in conformed with ones feeling and thinking that doesn't mean the said artist must be brandish or paint negatively. Also he is not the only artist who has been to GH without pan Africanism insight.
leave the small boy alone because when it come to pan Africanism,I don't think he has done that bad to opposed to his coming to GH,what about this big and elders artists that has been parading under the shadows of pan Africanism all this years but yet have not contributed in any form to help with the upliftment of the youths,the talk shop is too much.is time to walk the talk
   As to his misguided vibes,is personal which I don't have anything to say about it because I don't know him personally and can't take vibes in his music as same life that he lives,as an artist my self there is No way my vibes can entirely based on my personal way of living.don't forget Bob Marley said I shoot the sheriff, thus it means Bob Marley have killed a police????
So putting all this together what ever the supposed rastas said in their article lack substance.
By the way,why must the supposed RASTAs boycott the coming of alkaline??
  Or is it that he is a Jamaican??
  Or all jamaicans are rastas???
   Or you must conformed to the rules of pan Africanism before you can come to GH to performed???
Is this all that the supposed rastas can do for the RASTA fraternity in GH???
  I think they must focus on how to revive our dying reggae and dancehall in GH
           None of our own grown reggae and dancehall artists are on this show and their border is about someone who have elevated himself and coming all the way to GH to performed and take big cash after that.
      Is time we must burn stereotype and mediocrity from the RASTA fraternity.
Author: mokin da grand Dada of da dance

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