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TURBULENCE, one of Jamaica’s present age reggae greats, is set to perform live in Ghana on February 27 [2016] at the Accra sports stadium in a concert themed “Blakk Consciousness Tour Phase 1”. The home artistes that would be gracing the show alongside Turbulence are Knii Lante, Kojo Kombolo, Blakk Mexxiah and one Gambian reggae artiste stage-named Philosopher.

The “Blakk Consciousness Tour Phase 1” had its maiden play in Gambia on February 20 and Ghana would be the second host country to accommodate the concert. Mama Tina, the supreme organizer of the tour, related to 13paly.net that the major aim of the concert is to conscientize, uplift and empower the host masses through reggae music. It is a celebration of collective achievement and individual excellence. Apparently, the “Blakk Consciousness Tour” comes off in commemoration of the Black History Month.

The Black History Month is an annual observance which is strongly held in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It is solely focused on the remembrance of prominent black people who contributed immensely towards the upliftment and the emancipation of black people worldwide. The United States and Canada observe the Black History Month in February, but the United Kingdom observes it in October. In Africa, it is mostly observed by Pan Africans and advocates of Afro-centrism, and the African side observance is held twice per year, with February taking the major royal events, October usually climaxing the observance in a mini grand style.
As a twin occasion with a first gathering in February and a second one in October, 13play.net infers that Jahlaw Promotions and MBE Consult refers to this month’s observance as the “Phase 1” edition, because they might as well host a sequel event in October.   

TURBULENCE being the fore headliner of the event, Ghanaians vision a stellar performance with an epic delivery, as they are so convinced of his successful background in tour history. He really has very clean profile. Well, it’s very strange that all the four back headliners [namely: Knii Lante, Kojo Kombolo, Blakk Mexxiah, Philosopher] are equally good and also have a very clean profile just as Turbulence, but Kojo Kombolo’s was gossiped stained. He nearly lost his set to insider conspiracy, but the scheming failed, regardless of the ugly scathing remarks.

ISSUES around KOJO KOMBOLO’s appearance on the concert bill
13play.net testifies that all the four side headliners to Turbulence are mature artistes and each one of them merits his appearance on the show. They all have a lot of worthy materials to offer the audience. 13play.net further substantiates its testimony with the undisputable genetic-related reality that each one of these four artistes is naturally unique and has a particular divinely-endowed role which is different in weight and value from the others’, as far as their talents and the reggae cause is concerned. Some artistes are genetically rebels, teachers, love therapists, monks, healers, motivators, etc depending on their special divine calling.
 On this note, one artiste’s fear that some other will outshine him on stage is sheer wanton inferiority complex. It’s no use wearing an underdog mentality, if you are selected among the headliners, you indeed merit the bill. 13play.net says this because there was a strange rumour that an unknown on-bill opposition side tried to influence the event organizers to eliminate Kojo Kombolo from the bill, fearing he would steal the show.       

Pretentiously, the elimination instigators claim Kojo Kombolo’s musical message is fierier than  lovey-lovey, disputing the fact that it also has higher competitive commercial advantages in the reggae-dancehall market. His radical stance may be inferred as the major reason for this conspiracy, but the very root reason for the conspiracy is that some self- imposed “rival” artistes dread him stealing the show, come February 27. Kombolo’s obvious lyrical radicalism should be accepted by all, because should a dichotomy of the reggae conservatoire be drawn anytime, we will have a CONSERVATIVE branch and a RADICAL branch, where the former will even vehemently oppose to business innovations but the latter will surely defend it. Let us all be fact-accepting on this summary analysis. That’s the very reality on the ground.

Kojo Kombolo was in Ghana between early January and a bit close to mid February for a short vacation home, but flew back to Austria [his current location] in the midst of the elimination conspiracy, as he wasn’t so sure of his set at the “Blakk Consciousness Tour”, He, surely, would have deferred his flight and remained in town until after the show, blame the conspirators. Had it not been the earlier opposition, he surely would have been on the Gambian bill. Credible source news reached 13play.net that he’s been reinstated.      
13play.net would, therefore, like to assure his fans that their artiste is retained on the bill, his flight has ALREADY been paid by the event organizers, and he is thus expected back in Ghana latest by February 24 for the concert. His return is officially confirmed.

3 Fast Facts About Kojo Kombolo
1. He has a longstanding history in show theft, and so he definitely will steal this show, no doubt. Last when Sizzla headlined a show in Ghana [2010, Accra sports stadium], Kojo Kombolo stole the show and he repeated that at Luciano’s show [2015, Liberty Park, Ghana], and it’s obvious his fans expect a second repetition of a show theft history.

2. He’s two performers in one single person, when on stage; one part of him is a complete Sizzla Kalonji and the other half the real Kojo Kombolo. This double impact gives the audience a mystic combination of Bobo Ashantic and Fire-centric artistry. It’s super more than Beyonce and her fabled Shasta Fierce performing. Sizzla himself knows this, no wonder he openly refers to Kojo Kombolo as “My Son” and consistently calls him over to Jamaica to perform with him.

 3. He’s a radical entertainer with a strong message that pleases the ears of many a great intellectual. It takes people with deep intellect to understand Kojo Kombolo, musically, but the scatterbrains are always puzzled at what his stands for.

With the moniker “Strength-Ah-Faya” and the hash twin code #RRR  #777, Kojo Kombolo’s kingly words and deeds are circled by a fiery alpha-numeral supremacy. It’s totally impossible to invade his courts.   

13play.net had a face-to-face interaction with reggae fans in the street and in several ghetto joints concerning the performance fixings, it was so amazing how the majority proposed that Kojo Kombolo’s set be fixed right next to Turbulence’s. They contend that on the Rastafari Faith Ladder, Kojo kombolo and Turbulence share the same rang and they both exhibit intense heat when performing on stage, hence they DON’T expect any performance between the two.
They strongly prefer Kojo Kombolo to be the last home artiste to perform right before Turbulence steps the stage. 13play.net made these interviewed fans understand that as to which artiste hands over the “Fire Baton” to Turbulence, that’s solely the organizer’s decision.

Summary of the show
The show is presented by Jahlaw Promotions and MBE consult.

The 5 headline artistes are Turbulence [Jamaica], Philosopher [Gambia], Knii Lante, Kojo Kombolo, and Blakk Mexxiah [all three of Ghana], with Turbulence as the lead headliner.

The DJ’s booked for the show are DJ Nature Won, Ras Nene and Ruut Bwoy.
The MC’s are Empress Lomo, Conscious Queen, Prime I and Root I.
All the live band performing artistes will perform with the Big Hills Band, but the supporting artistes will perform over their dubs played by the DJ’s.

The tickets to the show are in three denominations: 10, 20 and 50, where the latter two denominations are VIP tickets.

The Accra sports stadium is the venue.

Kindly, rebroadcast this info.
PUBLICITY CREDIT: Regula Rebel, 13play.net
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