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After the recent release of “Better Than Wine”, Faffa boldly steps forward in increased conscious militancy with “I’m Not Afraid”  --- a battlefield anthem which is full of sure militant phrases and loud bravery. When assessed closely, she’s undoubtedly in that stage of her life where she’s totally devoid of fear and limiting thoughts. The war fright is indeed dissolved and she’s ever ready for anything.

All fear is gone, Faffa sings.

“I’m Not Afraid” stands as a universal motivational piece the entire gospel army can relate to. It’s actually a pep-up song for Christ’s ready warriors in this fight against negative forces. It speaks of a Christian’s invincibility --- thus the song’s concept is synonymous with the Biblical excerpt “with Christ in the vessel, we can smile at the storm”.

With a militant phrase such as [“I’m still the last man standing”] Faffa proves that she’s beyond conquest, no matter the nature of the attack or army type. The inference is clear: The WARRIOR in her is greater than all external forces combined.

This song is ever empowering and is set to encourage you. It will help you brave the flak and overcome doubt. “I’m Not Afraid” is a timeless encouragement. It is the rescue vehicle for the fearful, one that can transport them from fear to courage.

Faffa’s “I’m Not Afraid” was produced by Joseph Amoah, Springboard Studios.  

WATCH OUT for the download link on 13play.net any day this May.

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Her official facebook page link is: https://www.facebook.com/FAFFAmusicalive

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Regula Rebel
CEO, 13play.net
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  1. Go gal,you rock! Congratulations!


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