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REDfyah: Reggae’s faithful FIRE WARRIOR

The prior ignition instantly intensifies and stirs the emotions of the ever conscious standing among the audience the very moment his Gideon Boots step the tip of the stage. That’s the mystic nature of REDfyah, a truly Jah-sent messenger with a NORTHERLY BLAZE. Whilst his equals switch towards fleeting fortune and cheap fame --- ignoring their mission roles, REDfyah still upholds his sacred oath to Message Reggae as one of the genre’s few faithful warriors even amidst serious generational mendacity.   

With his acted and professed spotless allegiance to the Rastafari faith, it’s a clear evidence REDfyah is a militant advocate for salvation messages. He sings out exactly what this degenerating humanity originally has to hear, know and practise. Hardly will you find his kind in this wayward generation where most youth artistes are bent on materialistic idiocies and are recklessly willing to trade their innocent conscience for dirty affluence. Only with the rare likes of REDfyah is the original purpose of reggae music ever safe and treasured.  His popular opposites are not saviours of the genre, with their denial and fire-less musical messages.

Good music is all that it takes to be a saviour musician, nothing else. Yes!

Reggae hasn’t lost its spirituality yet, blame the unfaithful artistes that have lost their humanity and are wildly serving some animal instincts in order to get industry favours from mainstream media saboteurs who glorify mediocrity and materialism. Genre loyalty is key, congrats to REDfyah for keeping the RED in his FIRE secure. A truth warrior’s cause is a sacred oath, zero treason!

Honestly, the Ghetto Intelligentsia is losing its target recruits to urban misguidance and vague utopia. This lost or dissidence is seriously alarming. If left unchecked, the Rastafari youth army will suffer low soldier count, having a very few devoted soldiers to push for reggae’s youth consciousness agenda. Only reggae music can save today’s misguided youth, so it’s good news REDfyah is still utterly contributing his devotion to the Salvation Order: such sworn warrior with a cherished cause.

It takes a good youth to save a bad one, indeed.

A massive juvenile exodus is crucial right now and REDfyah is one of the very few reliable Moseses that can help lead our journey back to truth life. He has all the Mosaic characteristics and is fit to survive the harsh journey hurdles, no matter how onerous the role is. His music is not just salvation, but also a motherly voice to the orphan mind.

“City of Gold”, REDfyah’s octa-track debut album was a pay-off. Two songs off this EP got him a nomination recognition by BASS Awards, Ghana. His post-album release singles prove his strong growth. The next album is in progress and it surely will be one full of enlightenment, higher consciousness, and upliftment.

REDfyah is one great performer who hardly disappoints. He’s performed 
with Luciano, Majek Fashek, Rocky Dawuni , Sheriff Ghali, Knii lante, Ras Kimono, Sasha Marley, The Mandators,  Blakk Rasta, Iwan, and still counting. Aside third party shows, he has an own annual event dubbed “Peace, Love and Unity Concert” ---- an event which proceeds goes into charity to aid the underprivileged.

Truly a destined warrior of a royal birth, having been born to King Kurabaso, the late paramount chief of the Gonjas ---- the people of the Gonjaland in the Northern region of Ghana.

Undoubtedly, REDfyah’s unrelenting insistence on good musical message ranks him among reggae’s faithful soldiers --- the kind that safeguards the essence of the genre and protects its core for the benefit of posterity.

For more info on REDfyah, visit his personal website: www.redfyah.com.


Check out these links for some of his good works.

REDfyah – Satanalia

REDfyah – For My People








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