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K1MG Signs YARDIE To Its Record Label, GH Dancehall Ladder Gets A Fresh Rang
BLOG by: Regula Rebel, 13play.net

Yardie, another Ashaiman-based dancehall upcomer, saw a swift change in artiste status this past week when K1MG officially broke the news of his contract with them to the general public. The then indie YARDIE is now a managed YARDIE, and he is poised to break into the mainstream anytime soon with his first few chart-buster singles.

K1MG only officially published the contract notification press on its blog, [probably merely to announce the signing to the general public], as it didn't state a release date of any ready Yardie single. The release date omission was intentionally engineered to stir fan suspense and create public thirst for Yardie's units.

Though an indefinite suspense, Yardie's first official single should be expected before early December.

Prior to his signing, Yardie had already recorded quite a good number of commercially-fit tunes. He is truly a marketable talent with a catchy natural image --- a combined proof that he is more an asset than liability.

Evidently, K1MG is a smart promo-oriented record label and already has enough of the necessary resources it takes to break a talent thoroughly --- this vital business trait puts Yardie at a great management advantage. It's obvious the artiste will fly smoothly on a fast high, considering his already good talent and K1MG's smart promo strategies.

As a newly added rang to the official GH dancehall ladder, should Yardie maintain a strong persistent presence in the game and feed the masses on good commercial music from start, he will merit a long-lasting fan admiration with a great pay-off.

The term of the deal and number of album cycles aren't yet publicly disclosed, but a two year contract with a mutual option to extend is inferred.

K1MG expands as "King One Music Group", and is chiefly executed by King One, a Tema-based record producer.
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