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MUSIC has ever been one of the greatest popular tools through which people with artistic gifts express their deep dreams and inner feelings in the combined form of lyrics, rhythms and melodies. ADUPASHH happens to be one these and he goes very deep within to bring out even the most complex abstract concepts and turns them into simplified musical works that have some kind of powerful vibrations uniquely attached to them. 

ADUPASHH is a Ghanaian contemporary musician who hails from Sekyere, a historical sub-town in Efiduase in the Ashanti Region [Ghana]. Growing up with a music-loving humble family who taught him much of the basics in their traditional music, young AUPASHH successfully grabbed this audacious advantage of home schooling and decisively determined to make a life out of music in the near future --- realizing that he naturally has the gift of singing. Now, he is able to do anything music.

The advantage he took at that tender age as a smart kid eventually translated into his urge to improve upon the raw artistry he feel deep inside him way back in time --- this urge saw him studying music at Musiq Land [Accra]. The ever determined ADUPASHH took his musical lessons so serious at Musiq Land, knowing that music is one of the decent careers available to him automatically, and he treated it as a well-cherished natural gift. The musical education he had at Musiq Land is indeed the best city thing that ever happened to him, after his movement from Sekyere to Accra.

To prove himself worthy of the musical theories he has mastered so far, he boldly stepped forward to the opposite practical side to those theories by taking constant studio trips with the sole to start making recordings of the many songs he has written over the years and his unbroken determination paid off over time. He made a lot of several singles and started making plans toward his debut album, then.

Checking his discography, ADUPASHH has three albums to his credit, namely: Hmm [2007], Chapter One [2014] and Vision [2016]. The seven gap between his Hmm and Chapter One was a Sabbatical break he took to hone his craft, sort out some odds and work out some personal commitments.

He has worked with good record producers like George Forest, Bishop Martey, Evantino, to name a few. He has also worked with underground artistes like Cholli, Bullet, others and the great Celestina Donkor.

Currently, ADUPASHH is on a nationwide radio tour to promote his Vision album with the poise to his career to the next level

ADUPASHH does several kinds of music: Ghanaian contemporary hi-life, hip life, afro pop, and among others

His musical themes are variously love, peace, motivational philosophy, faith, hope, and other lifestyle concepts --- and he masterfully combines traditional musical settings, contemporary feels and urban experiments that help rate his style of music within the all-ages grade. 

Below is an Adupashh song for sample listening. artistry.

ADUPASHH - Like A Medicine

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