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DAMIRIFA DUE(Vybrant Faya Tribute)
INTRO:(Vybrant Faya)
Eii yuh know seh everybody affi dem time fi mek it inna life enuh
So don't badmind ah next man struggle yuh zeet
Cuh father God ah goh penalize yuh fi that
Every man affi dem ah own struggle
So try mek it inna life yuh zeet
Vybrant Faya,
Eii King One tek it to dem
Ye ma wo demrefa due 8x
(Why you gone too soon?)
BRIDGE:(Scata Bada)
Mi did never know seh time ah go come weh mi ah goh write sumn like this for yuh enuh my brother.but Jah know still
VERSE 1:(Scata Bada)
Eii Eii
Personally mi see the struggle
Fi mek it inna life was all we wanted
Bout right now personally mi heart is troubled
Cus yuh left us inna pain inna sorrow
Oh mi cyaa believe yuh gone
Oh it coming like ah dream to me
Mi cyaa believe yuh gone
And it coming like ah dream to me
What a life we ah living in
Family and friends and siblings seh...
Chorus Repeat
VERSE 2:(Kurtis Yardie)
Everybody know affi uno time dis
Mi know di story from di beginning
U never even lef behind one pikney
How u dissappear coulda mek smady kerch a stroke
Ina mi owna tears mi a soak
Through my headphone ibi Mampi I dey soak
U got me singing dis song "A lie dem a lie"
Seh Vybrant Faya gaan
Alla di Mampi girls n di Maga girls ago miss u
That's why mi sing:
Mi cyaa believe, mi cyaa believe
Seh u gone
Chorus Repeat
VERSE 3:(King One)
From the day weh mi born
Mi soul never mourn,Vybrant
Till mi hear seh man yuh gone
Now tear flow mi face like ah pond
Eii obi nso mi mu,me tummy
Death embrace the youths dem ahnoh funny
"See the rain ah falling gyal".....9/11
Member weh mi and yuh start recording
Skello yuh gone, yuh gone, yuh gone
Mi gon' meet yuh again
Ashaiman mourn,mourn,mourn
Ah strong soldier fall lyk the rain
Chorus Repeat
VERSE 4:(Hotikal)
The tears I am sharing now would soon dry
But the hurt inside my heart would stay on forever ever ever   would stay on forever
Eh Vybrant faya your death ah cause me
What a tragedy friends and family in agony  what a pity
I wish I got the power
I could have bring you back to life hah hah hah hah hah hahah
VERSE 5:(Kay Tee)
R.I.P My Brother (Till We Meet Again)
Rest in Peace My Souljah(Till We Meet Again)
R.I.P My Brother (Till We Meet Again)
Rest In Peace Mi General
Till We Meet Again
Tell me What You Did to deserve this Death
Tell Me What You Did for your Sudden Demise
R.I.P To You My One And Only Friend
Till we Meet Again
I feel Your pain My Brother
Onipa B3y3 yie No Menua na wabr3 wiase
Ade a to Ya Nioo
Anisuo Ne awhereho)
Na Y3ti ooo
Chorus Repeat
OUTRO:(Vybrant Faya): Loo loo lo
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