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13play Celebrates Faffa’s birthday, She Earns A 21 Line Pep Poem From Regula Rebel  [Happy Birthday, Sweetie]

With a sweet pleasant beauty your whole Golden Soul is spectacularly GOWNED
Thus your life on Mother Earth is only to be celebrated, but never to be MOURNED
Regret not your past tears at all; each and every tear drop was a disguised LIBATION
Some tears are like Christ’s sacrificial blood, they are a due paid towards one’s SALVATION

Here, a long unspoken revelation: Faffa Music is an ever-blazing feminine BLESSING
Its fiery lyrics help the Universe show humanity the secrets about the greatest LESSON
The lesson that all master human souls are entitled to the Ultimate LIBERATION   
Keep singing out loud the Christ Gospel original, 100% pure, ignore the FILTRATION

The next true-story testimonial singles Faffa is soon to RELEASE
Each will bring to the most broken-hearted a miraculous RELIEF
This, not a mere fan flattery or popular vain hype, but a well-trusted VISION
So, freely succumb to the ethereal inspirations that guide your musical MISSION

First: “Father’s House”; second: “Nobody But You”, the title of the pending THIRD?
Many struggling for a clue, but most definitely a direct relation to that fearless BIRD!
“The Eagle”
Oh, you blessed precious daughter of the Father-Mother God, fear not the rainy DAYS
The sun still shines hot in your nights: a divine order, so you can make many extra HAYS

Princess, when you step the stage in your awesome majesty and let the real good vibes FLOW
The shiny rays of the mystic aura circling your crown brightens the audience with a royal GLOW
Eagle, soar far above the predatory odds that hunt after the goals of your musical REVOLUTION
As a sworn soldier of “The Cross”, stay true to the “One Mission”, retract not your RESOLUTION  

Yes! Faffa music is truly an Urban Contemporary Gospel revolution, a Christly solution. 

Happy birthday, 
Pretty Sweeatheart.
2017 is your year of many colourful victories and a gateway to your bountiful harvest.
The Good Heavens will sprinkle special blessings on you while celebrate your celebrate your birthday with The Remar Orphanage tomorrow. Enjoy.........

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