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KONKARAH Holds Reggae Peace Concert In ADABRAKA, Iwan, Kombolo, Blak Mexxiah, Ras Kuuku, Others Passing Through To SUPPORT

THROUGHOUT world history what has thus kept humanity on the safest side the most is the popular insistence on PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY in each and every live community --- there’s no doubt at all that MUSIC has been the major universal tool that has been greatly used to solidify this centuries-old insistence, and REGGAE is obviously the genre which lyrics fuel this very insistence the most through its bloodless revolution. Ghana goes to the polls very soon and concerted efforts are being made nationwide to maintain the peace the nation is already enjoying --- this mass move has motivated Konkarah’s peace-keeping spirit to lead a peace concert in his birth community and he’s doing so with brotherly support from other reggae-dancehall artistes.

Konkarah stands up tall as one of Ghana’s devout Rastafari soldiers who hasn’t sold out his original artistic mission, he is still upholding the “Jah Vibes” in the Rastafari army -- even amidst the current industry-dictated pressure for commercially-appealing songs in the quest for a wider mainstream acceptance. Simply put, The Rastafari-led mission means everything to Konkarah, “The Battlefield Warrior”.

He relates that the aim of his peace concert is mainly to instill tolerance among the many different tribes, cultures, ethnic groups and political affiliates in the nation, even regardless of their provoking differences --- if any.

When asked why another peace concert after different previous successful ones by Stonebwoy, Bastero, Pastor Kofy, Fancy Gadam and others, this was heard:  “Politics is a spontaneous bloody game and election times are the most worse dangerous periods in Africa --- they are times unscrupulous war mongers tend to buy havoc and mayhem from armed slum thugs to afflict and dispalce the vulnerable, so a series of peace concerts during an African nation’s election period is inevitable, hence it’s a must I also add my concert to the already tall list , Konkarah said in a phone interview with Regula Rebel.

Konkarah’s “Adabraka Peace Concert” in Adabraka is bringing on the exact same stage other reggae dancehall artistes, variously: Seeta Kamani, Queen Ruki, Blak Mexxiah, Linguakat, Artillery, Burning Faya, Skull Shatta, Raja, Blouk, Jahwyz, Vanisher,  Iwan, Kojo Kombolo, Osagyefo, Ras Kuuku, Jahwi, Wan Row, Rashid Metal, Eye Judah, Obinini, 5Five, Nana Rankin, Scata Bada, Vypa, King Vuvu, Naya Faya, Gold Teeth,  Von, , Sant Zion, and a host of others.       

Network Pub [near the Adabraka market] is the chosen venue for the event and the official DJs are: DJ Nature Won, King Bash, Blak Shanti, Khali, and Fari and Kalio. The MCs are: King Lagazee and Johnny Blaze.

PEACE to Mother Ghana everytime!
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