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Obour Is Incompetent And Undeserving Of MUSIGA Presidency, WILLY WANTA Vents In An Interview On Obonu TV

Author: Regula Rebel, 13play.net

In his interview with DJ Surely on Obonu TV last Thursday, Willy Wanta vented bitterly about a serious MUSIGA-created reality that has long impeded the career progress of Ghanaian musicians --- a reality whose adverse effects still keeps diminishing the future career prospects and hopes of the young Ghanaian upcoming artistes, giving them career insecurity.

When asked about his view on MUSIGA, Willy Wanta instantly retorted by saying “Obour lacks leadership skills”. Willy went on to pour out a lot more managerial ills going on at MUSIGA and concluded by attributing MUSIGA’s failure to Obour’s presidential incompetency.

Willy buttresses his incompetency judgment on the fact that once Obour is the president of MUSIGA, MUSIGA’s success or failure should be attributed to Obour because he is the supreme power at MUSIGA and whatever state MUSIGA is in now is a total reflection of Obour’s leadership mindset.

Below are just 5 of the serious strong points that Willy Wanta made during the interview:

1. Ghana Music Industry, An Enslaved Industry --- Willy says it is absurd and unprofessional of president Obour and his entire MUSIGA outfit to still allow Ghana’s main music award scheme [VGMA] to be totally controlled by a foreign national. Instead of VGMA being handled by MUSIGA itself, it is ceded to Charter House which is owned and managed by a Nigerian. Willy Wanta wants to see MUSIGA taking full control over VGMA [ Vodafone Ghana Music Awards]

2 .Artiste Insecurity ---  Willy said MUSIGA doesn’t protect the works, welfare and career  of its member artistes. He called MUSIGA irresponsible for the non-payment of the royalties it owes the musicians, hence the Ghanaian musician is not benefitting from his or her intellectual property.

3 . Grim Prospects --- According to Willy Wanta, the Ghanaian musician has no financial cushion to fall on in the future when at old-age, and this is the doing of MUSIGA not putting in place the needed financial instruments that can secure the future of the Ghanaian artiste. Willy predicted many musicians will face a miserable life at retirement until MUSIGA comes up with truly reliable financial security plans for its member musicians.

4 . National Music Website ---Willy suggested MUSIGA builds a national website that will hold a collection of the works of its member artistes and a usage fee be charged from the media houses that will access those works during their daily programs. He said the national website could also have a sales portal through which songs would be sold and payment made via e-swiz into a collective account or directly into the selling artiste’s personal sales account.  This is great innovation that will bring in income for the artiste’s works, Willy explained.

5 . MUSIGA Not Highly Recognized --- Here Willy Wanta shared a past bitter personal incident he experienced at the US Embassy when he submitted his MUSIGA ID card and letterhead towards the processing of his visa to aid him travel to the states for a gig, but the US Embassy official dishonoured the MUSIGA documents and rather concentrated on Willy’s personal document.  Willy claims if MUSIGA was well recognized by the Embassy, the embassy official wouldn’t have pushed aside the MUSIGA documents he submitted.

Willy Wanta is a reggae musician and he mostly does reggae lovers’s rock, but sometimes adds on concepts that touch on social issues, politics and matters of global concern. He also does dancehall party vibes for massive raves and club banging.

To have a full blast of Willy Wanta’s interview, click on the below link to watch the full video on his official facebook fan page:


Also. WATCH the full interview on yputube:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvKsuhwV8TQ

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