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Maiden Voyage Breaks Mainstream Status Quo With Busting Debut Album: "Key Of Life"

AUTHOR: Regula Rebel

Today's music market worldwide is replete with rushed singles and albums that mostly only can fetch in fleeting fame, as majority of the artistes rashly step out with the uninformed intent to catch instant popularity --- thus they end up making perishable songs that lack the constructive power to build a lasting legacy for them. But Maiden Voyage, a multi-national music trio made up a Nigerian, a Ghanaian and a British, dare belong to the contrary side by considering a power music type that can break the seemingly hard mainstream status quo, earn in great valuable fortunes for them and also render their unique brand highly identifiable with commerciality permanence.

Maiden Voyage is unique and truly innovative and has a sharp music production novelty. Every single song that the trio has made now can last several decades --- a sure sign they originally aim to entertain many next generations, hence the group is characterised by a truly lasting market relevance that can immortalize its existence like how the world's undying great musicians are still being revered today.

Currently readied up in the studio for release any time now is "Key Of Life", Madien Voyage's debut album.

"Key Of Life" is a solid 16 track album, one stuffed with multiple genres to purposely serve a large mass of many different music lovers that almost every patient listener of the tracklist has a fair bite off the album, regardless of their core genre preference.
No doubt whoever listens to the tracklist to end will automatically be immersed into the next genres he or she is even less fond of --- because every song on the album was psychologically produced with some ear-pleasing drops of hybrid ensemble elements that are capable of compelling a repeat listening one time and again and thus on and on.

Below, a random order of the complete list of the 16 songs packed on "Key Of Life":

1. I Don't Wanna Dream
2. Brain Dead
3. Bye Bye
4. Different Colours
5. Don't Ask Me Why
6. I Will Never Die
7. Imagine
8. Movie World
9. Reset Your Clock
10. Sailing With The Beast
11. Simply Crazy
12. Someone Believes In You
13. Storm On My Head
14. Triangles, Circles And Square
15. Zombie World
16. Feeling Good

"Different Colours", "Don't Ask Me Why" and "Storm On My Head" have been set apart as the 3 promo singles that will be released for free downloads multiple blogs quite soon ahead of the main official album release.

Demonstrating upper class literary intelligence and strong songwriting skills, it's clear Maiden Voyage has an uncompromised insistence on quality. From the trio's choice of songtitle, rich lyrics economy, catchy vocals, technical works to album release date timliness.......every smart entertainment pundit that is well versed in showbiz can testify to the fact that Maiden Voyage did a patient in-depth feasibility study prior to producing "Key Of Life". They really mean to build a great legacy and a highly competitive brand pride with their cutting-edge music.

Maiden Voyage is made of Rebai Uhuru (Nigeria), Mistacii (Ghana) and Alisonus (Great Britain).

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