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Cruked Route Readies Up Year-end Radio Tour Playlist Prior To Debut Album Release

Regula Rebel

Executing his last quarter climax priorities to crown the fading year with a massive brand exposure promo to reinforce his game presence, Cruked Route is currently ever active in the studio working on a 7-track introductory playlist that is purposely being recorded for his 12-station radio tour which starts next month, November.

Three of the playlist's singles which vocals were taken at Swag Records by producer Lyriqal DhopeBeatz are now in the possession of KaySam Teknik , Cruked Route's official prime mixing-and-mastering engineer. KaySam has promised to finish work on these songs in a few weeks and then move on to the next ones just when they come in.


Though a conscious message rapper, Cruked Route's year-end radio tour playlist is diversified around multiple themes rather than just solely centered on the very usual mental revolutionary concepts that most of his field colleagues frequently emphasize on. But as so unique, Cruked Route's radio tour playlist spans hardcore gangster rap, street hip hop vibes, club banging, relationship settings, personal stories and higher soul-awakening teachings. On top of that, the songs have the timelessness element, making them an addiction fans can never get fed up with. even over a long time of constant listening.

A few days prior to the tour, all the seven singles on the pending playlist will be released for the general public to get well familiarized with them, just so the songs won't hit them new when played during the interviews.

In between the radio tour rounds, Cruked Route will be answering some gig calls alongside a few already scheduled TV appearances and a week-long pre-official video shoot.

His debut album (title withheld) comes out next year. It houses real hip hop, reggae hip hop and hybrid genres.

Below, are the social media handles to reach Cruked Route.

Facebook: Cruked Route
Twitter: CrukedRoute_
Instagram: CrukedRoute_

 Published on 16th October, 2017.
Wrttten By: Regula Rebel.
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