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Shanti's Mailbox - Reggae-Dancehall News Bulletin On Radio Razo [22nd March 2018]

Author: [Regula Rebel, CEO of 13play]
Reader: Abena Mandy
News Platform: Radio Razo [105.2 on Either or 103.8 on Cable]
Online Listening: razoamsterdam.nl or salto.nl

Main Radio Show: Thursday Night Showcase
Thursday Night Showcase Host: GrandMasta Blayz
Time of Show: Thursdays, between 9pm and 11pm GMT.
Radio Razo Location: Amsterdam

There's a false blog article making wide waves on the internet that world reggae icon Bob Marley faked his death in 1981 just to escape intense fame and live in low-key solitude.

The content of the article says Bob Marley couldn't handle the heavy fame he was getting, he wanted to be free of fame and live a simple life so he struck a contract with the Jamaica government to collect his royalties on his behalf while he lives life on the low.

The article basically is about a poor old man who has died behind a restaurant in  Kingston. It says when the Kingston coroners ran a DNA test on the dead poor old man who is between 60 and 70 years, the test result revealed that the dead man is Bob Marley.

Per our indepth investigation, this article which has drawn a huge traffic to its website is false news and no one should believe its content. Bob Marley's death was real. The singer truly died of cancer in 1981.

Plagiarism in the music industry hardly abates and offenders still seek easy ride off the initiatives of hardworking genius to reach fame.

Currently ongoing in the Ghanaian reggae-dancehall space is a slogan theft case between Shatta Rako and some artistes who have stolen his "Talent Over Hype" slogan instead of originally creating similar slogans to back their brands.

On record, it was Shatta Rako who coined the slogan "Talent Over Hype" some years back and even has an already released song tilted "Talent Over Hype" to buttress his originator claim.

Speaking with Shanti's Mailbox, Rako related that he is happy others are using his slogan in their social media posts with the hasg tag #TalentOverHype, but it's more crediting if they link their posts to his works. 

As inferred, Rako wants his people to be using the hash tag with regard to promoting his works or in cases where they are mentioning him.

For years music video directors have been choosing light skin vixens over dark skin vixens which has always been a serious topic of discrimination at colour bias auditions, but a Ghanaian young dancehall artiste named Jeneral Rojah has set a strong exemplary trend with his new music video which was shot just a few days ago.

Jeneral Rojah cast only dark skin vixens in his music video and this uncommon decision he and his team took goes out as a laudable example for other artistes to respect.

Jeneral's vixen option is considered a motivation that will generate higher happy self-esteem feelings for dark skin girls, it's a prove dark skin girls are also professionally ideal for music video shoot considerations.

The feud between Ghanaian dancehall hitmakers Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy goes beyond normal beef this time.

After Stonebwoy and Yaa Pono released a collaboration whose chorus emphasizes that " Everybody has his master", Shatta Wale took the collaboration to mean a diss song against him and got very personal with its content.

Since the release of the collaboration, Shatta Wale has been making verbal attacks on Stonebwoy in revenge. Just yesterday, Shatta made very bitter references to Stonebwoy's mobility disability by referring to Stonebwoy as the wise cripple.

Some pro-Stonebwoy and entertainment critics are bashing Shatta Wale for making such a serious fun of Stonebwoy.

Iwan and Empress Omotolo of Kenya have collaborated on a new song tilted "We Are gods".

Acccording to Iwan the core concept of the song is aligned with the higher teaching that we humans have a divine fabric in our DNA make-up.

We are gods and we are co-creators of the universe, so we should endeavor to apply our innate divine genius in the field of creativity and in all our daily activities. Iwan added.

6. Samini starts his Europe tour in May. He will be performing in Frankfurt, Berlin and Zurich with Dana Shanti and Collie Herb and Jah Ringo.

Samini's first tour concert comes 31st May in Huxleys Neue Welt at 22 hours.

Further concert venues and dates are yet to be made public.

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