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Guy Cums While StarQuinn Moans Seductive Bars On Qliq's Xpress Riddim

Written By: Regula Rebel

Probably not her first ever sexily-sung song, but this extremely rawdy dancehall piece from StarQuinn has a relatively irresistible high peak seduction that is capable of enchanting any guys into losing his belt on the spot, even from a short listen of the intro or a little further down near mid chorus.

Per any music pundit's post-review remarks, StarQuinn's "Midnight Seduction" song will be ticked as a melting horny girl's nocturnal anthem in her overly burning desire for a wild immediate ecstasy. As opposed to a mum's mild lullaby to put little babe to sleep, "Midnight Seduction" rather ignites dude's libido, weakens his struggling resistance to an inescapable sex bait, and ultimately gets him doing the insisting wet bad girl's bidding.

With a high romance street intro that starts like "Tipsy inna di middle of the night" and a chorus start running like "can't free up" followed by a teaser line that says  "caught up in the web of midnight seduction", it's clear dude will definitely be hung up to a "hot game til the sunrise" regardless of his oh no or let's make another night.

Quinn spices up the song at the tail with this even more seducing three lines:
"Under mi hypnotics, hit me on mi erotics, and I wanna go like.....then she lays down multiple moaning ad libs that perfectly climax the concept of the song just like in a real action sexual intercourse.

Background checks evidence StarQuinn's start history in seductive lyricism with her previous two releases "Peekaboo" and "Dance", but the x-rate content of her third ("Midnight Seduction") is an up effort in that discipline, and it is thus trusted that she has a lot more future crazy lovey-lovey releases down her song bank.

StarQuinn's "Midnight Seduction" comes on producer Qliq's Xpress Riddim. Song is currently going through mix-down and then mastering. It is scheduled for release a few days after final touches and sound quality checks.

Published 27 April, 2018.

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Item Reviewed: Guy Cums While StarQuinn Moans Seductive Bars On Qliq's Xpress Riddim Rating: 5 Reviewed By: RegulaRebel
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