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Meet Pastor Adom; the Ghanaian born US based preacher and gospel singer

by: michael eli dokosi/www.blakkpepper.com/ghana  
He might not be a household name yet. His music might not be on everyone lips yet but there’s indication all that is soon to change.
Emmanuel Adom Adjei informed Blakkpepper his musical journey started in primary school when he was in the tenor section of the school choir eventually becoming the leader of the tenor group aged 10.

Pastor Adom part of his graduating class
According to Adom, he served with many artists either as a backing vocalist or or as a bands man adding he developed himself musically such that he directs choirs while grooming other artists.
The Takoradi Technical University graduate first tested the commercial market with his debut EP ‘Unveiled in Glory’ before offering albums ‘100% African Praise Party’ and ‘Praise Overflow’ revealing “there’s a fourth album on the way from which I released the single ‘Conquerors’ which is doing so well.”
His academic journey has seen him through Labone Senior High School, Takoradi Technical University where he offered Marketing and earned a Higher National Diploma (HND), seminary schools where he earned certificate and a diploma before relocating to the US in 2012 where he earned an Associate Degree in Theology and a Second Degree in Human Resource Management. Pastor Adom recently earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theology and getting awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity.

Adom is officially engaged to US born Belinda Collins who is a daughter of a Minister of God and by training is a Finance and Education person.  Although she was based in Miami, she now resides with Pastor Adom in Houston, Texas with Adom disclosing “we became friends before we fell in love, got engaged we will marry in the year.”

Pastor Adom with lady love; Belinda Collins
But why Jesus music?
Adom rendered:
“Gospel music is the only form which has no genre like jazz. It is fluid but also it is also my calling and I am a messenger for the people. God’s word can be propagated through acting, writing and other forms but sound has no barrier so I use music as a duty to sway souls for God. Also after death, we gonna do worshipping of God, so why not start now and get used to it.”

It will be 6 years since Adom landed in the US in December, and though he noted that things have been tough, he submits that “I have a church I lead, the youngest to lead a church in my state, I also have a music ministry, publishing ministry and missionary ministry whose mandate is to impact the world.”
Already he’s released his first book and a second is due soon while he serves as a host of a radio show in addition to being a TV host on ND TV.
Although it’s been tough in America, Adom has managed to find himself in corporate America and hopes the networking will help advance his cause.
Coming to America and being new to the system, I had to study and get grounded and juggling preaching duty, recording in the studio and taking lessons at school was tough but worth the effort,” the ebony man rendered to Blakkpepper via Whatsapp.
While in Ghana, the songwriter, artist groomer and musical director held musical concerts to bring folks under God’s umbrella for worship and in the US he’s carried on the tradition visiting states to minister.

His efforts have been noticed such that in 2017, he received the Community Impact Award for his positive strides in his community.

Among the challenges he’s faced, the pastor cum artist recalled “buying instruments for my music was tough and coming by money to invest in my music was equally challenging and it didn’t help matters that when you play with certain artists they only thank you with ‘God Bless You’ ignoring the fact that it cost money to transport yourself to the venue and prepare yourself for the performance. Some Churches also did same. Also serving people but they proving to be ingrates and bad mouthing you to others was shocking as was some paying good with evil. Also initial low attendance at my concerts was troubling but things have since picked up.”
But how would Pastor Emmanuel Adom Adjei love to be remembered?
“I would love to be remembered as an original artist, a creative whose career lasted long and was impactful across generations and as an artist who helped raise others.”

What can Ghanaians expect from this son of the soil?
“Good music, concerts, conferences or seminars, collaborations with other African acts, solid music videos and interactions with fans on social media,” the Houston based man submitted.

Pastor Adom’s music is on major music shops with CdBaby serving as distributor to digital stores Amazon MP3, Apple and iTunes as well as Ghana’s afTown music platform which sells African records.
But with what meal would Pastor Adom be at home with?
“Waakye with veggies, chicken, beef and fried fish with lots of pepper sauce or ‘shito’.”
By way of beverage, Adom is cool with any fruit beverage.
Enjoy ‘Conquerors’ by Pastor Adom from his yet to be released 4th album:
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