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Even as it gets to a period in an artiste’s career when their brain is naturally stressed out and it can’t create powerful lyrics or in a temporary moment when they can’t produce good content for a particular subject they’re writing about, they still ignore the importance of involving a songwriter to co-write with them or give them second-mind contents. Many keep writing very amateur lyrics, an act which over time depreciates their brand worth.  

Concerned by the young artiste’s stupid reluctance and egoistic objection to co-writing [better still, their perception that hiring a songwriter is a sign of dire creative weakness on their part], senior artiste Shatta Rako put up an advisory post on his facebook timeless, terming their perception as “childish”.

Below, the screenshot of Shatta Rako’s post.   


There are several witty professional songwriters in the music economy, even many skillful composers ---- yet the young artistes fail to establish business connections with them. The issue is not higher content charges, but these artistes find it shameful to involve co-writers. Their ego doesn’t permit them to seek contents from a second mind.

Shatta Rako calls their stance childish, perhaps he sees them naïve. On the inference Rako is advising the young generation artistes to not solely depend on their own limited creativity but rather involve seasoned songwriters for a richer lyrical content.   

Shatta Rako was adjudged the best songwriter of the year at BASS Awards 2015
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