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WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel

While King Vuvu has been officially away on a long public performance gap and his overly-starved fans are craving his energetic stage thrill, he only can plead with them to exercise extra patience during his now indefinite absence and no-song-release-yet phase.

In an upclose chit-chat with the 13play crew, the madly-missed dancehall icon cited multiple family commitments coupled with personal business moves as the very reasons for his hiatus and confirmed that he's not stopped doing music.

As it seems now, no matter how serious his fans' crave is spun, King Vuvu's resolute remains sacred --- a clear cue that he won't resume to music to please urgent public pressure for anyone's pleasure. His resumption will be due only when his Rolex hits Return O'clock. Until that tic-toc, any "we outside" social media post from King Vuvu is not concert-related. Yeah!

Over a dozen festive gig calls hit the King's Attention desk, but his team still didn't release him to any of those events (whether big or small). 

"No public performances yet" the team says, yet King has been playing a few brief private performances at King's Palace (his recreation-cum-office home) to a regular cute audience that's notably dedicated to exclusive King's Palace gigs like Irie Vibes that comes off every two weeks on a Friday.

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