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WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel

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Squeezed stiff between critique and masterpiece tests, Donirific would always display the repeat proof that he's NOT just an iconic reference of lyrical dexterity and a league leader among his core genre contemporaries, BUT the brand he's cut for himself is also a perfect example of what Ghana's reggae-dancehall's young generation artistes should study from to not be meer peers in the game.

When checked out deeply in a  case study for excellent work delivery, keen critics can't drop Donyrific when making a top ten list of Ghanaian reggae-dancehall artistes that deliver content relevance, proper lyricism and non-cliche writing. 

With the top level of his literary intelligence and the Shakespearen wits that he uses when writing his songs, Donyrific way ahead of his contemporaries. His genius is currently unmatchable by his equals and it might take a decade or more for many of them to catch up with him. 

The Reggae-Dancehall Ghana office has ticked Donyrific up as the artiste it will use as a case study for Ghanaian reggae-dancehall upcoming artistes to learn songwriting skills from. 

Twice has Donyrific been enlisted for i360 Entertainment's Bad Bars Cypher Series. On his maiden appearance at Bad Bars, he spat wittingly and he again repeated a witty delivery on his re-up. This double project  impression got Donyrific enlisted for the Reggae-Dancehall Cypher #1.

Not long after the cutting of the RDGC #1 project in February and it had been held on standby for a later release in early April, Donyrific dropped "Prison Break", his debut EP. 

"Prison Break" hit the scene real hard with a strong statement, probably saying "Out of bondage, uncontrollably free to take what's mine".

The six-piece EP earned critical acclaim, having been  received well by industry players that matter much in the Ghanaian reggae-dancehall scene.

"Street Ah Roar", "Ask Mi Neighbour", "Mama, I Love You", "Passing Thru", "My Life" and "Ɛɛdɛ (It's Sweet)" together are a plausible body of work. 

The "Ɛɛdɛ" video will always be a close memorable vibe for heavy partisans. More like them reliving their party moments at each watch.

Donirifc divided "Prison Break" into reggae, dancehall and afro fusion.

A strictly reggae body of work from from Donyrific anytime will definitely engrave a grand brand statement in the hearts of many, due to his strong ability to write catchy scholarly lyrics.

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Item Reviewed: Donyrific's HOT SHOTS, From Two BAD BARS Appearances to PRISON BREAK Rating: 5 Reviewed By: RegulaRebel
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