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WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel

American rapper Mike Feez is swollen up with his worse fury over an unpaid $16M  distribution money which the industry owes him and he might sue his debtors in court for what's rightfully due him......maybe when payment time is long over due. 

Mike points his accusing fingers straight at Def Jam, Atlanta Records and Universal Records as his direct debtors.

All this debt worries and other frustrating label-related issues have in someway made Mike Feez not trust the big labels as high as fair payment is concerned. He calls them cheats!

About another label incredibility concern which has to do with the Hustle Gang label, Mike Feez relayed his ordeal that the label used him off as a pawn to gain rank and respect in Ohio.

Dang! It seems anything industry that's connected to Mike's big career breakthrough hits a pause button on its way and he then never gets the elevation. He being a middle friend between Lil Flip and T.I brought him a dirty curse when Lil Flip and T.I started beefing.

T.I would surely have supported Mike Feez by pushing him up to top fame but in the wake of T.I's hot beef with Lil Flip, hood friends close to T.I and Mike's industry enemies polluted T.I from supporting Mike's career. Whenever Mike mentions T.I, he ends up talking about this beef. 

The story is told that Mike Feez was so close to ShawtyLo (RIP) and the beef started when T.I and ShawtyLo started claiming to be the rap king of Atlanta BankHead. They were both BankHead bosses, but two people can't be kings of the same throne, thus their beef for kingship supremacy.

Pressing charges! Maybe Mike ain't got to let the suit go, because should he win his suit against Def Jam, Atlanta Records and Universal Records, he might definitely get hold of his $16M distribution money and use it to push his career up.

If Mike Feez's networth of $16M won't just sit idle in his pocket when he gets it, he will surely get it investment-busy in multiple lucrative businesses and the huge profits over time can get him close to his Forbes dream. 

... . 8th April, 2022

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