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WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel
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Random Zlotty made it through to the shortlist of ten young dancehall artistes that has been selected for the maiden edition of Reggae-Dancehall Ghana's RDG-VAD project series and he would be documented in the project's multi-artiste bio video.

Iin line with the rules around the criteria for the RDG-VAD #1 project, Random Zlotty had to be vetted against very strong test points, all of which he passed and got selected for the project. He merited the project participation chance, therefore. 

The Reggae-Dancehall Ghana project team weighed Random Zlotty's few singles and found him worthy to be recruited for the RDG-VAD project. His songwriting skills, lyrical delivery and exposure potency hit a good score at the vetting.

The nine other artistes together with Random Zlotty on the RDG-VAD #1 edition are: Myal Panni, Mag Dhelfa, Naab Yidan, Lordy Drax, OG Kingpin, Macaveni, VSignal, Addi Churchbwoy and Addi Estimate.

Random Zlotty and his nine colleagues have completed the primary tier of the project and are awaiting the secondary and tertiary tier calls to hit a finish. 

Before the Reggae-Dancehall Ghana office releases the project proper, it will tease the public with a side cypher that has all the ten young dancehall artistes in it.

Mid May is the scheduled release date for RDG-VAD #1. 

.... PUBLISHED on 27th April, 2022.
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