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 WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel

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In a flash scenario, the story be like right while two 70's folks who are so very tired of being super nostalgic for authentic Hi-Life music and are thus cursing Afrobeats by the Accra highway, eavesdropping Konana pulls up in a Royce Ryce to say "hey Jack, Obour KO and I have a dozen-track string of a neo-retro hi-life album on deck"! ----- then boom the 70's folks smile in chorus and one says "yeah, that's what's up.......so smart that you split your joint's dichotomy between us the oldies and them newbies".

The afore reality scenario of older folks that grew on Hi-Life since childhood but have been deprived of the genre in today's era and are then seriously nostalgic for more is the very grief that angered Konana and Obour KO to co-release their pending truly Hi-Life album they've dubbed "Hi-Life Resurrect". 

The convo at the Bad Jam Records studio that led to the birthing of "Hi-Life Resurect" had it key focus on plans to brave and break the thick jinx  Afrobeats has laid on Hi-Life, but the pseudo-duo also consider their joint album as a fresh menu that will give older Ghanaian folks home and abroad a great reminiscence for old time's sake.

Maybe, "Hi-Life Resurrect" now is, because the new generation of Ghanaian artistes are so bent on making Afrobeats music to the detriment of the Hi-Life legacy Ghana's pioneer musicians handed down to them, but Konana and Obour KO meant their contemporaries continue building this precious legacy.  A subtle Sankofa campaign from the two then. 

Prior to final mix-down and mastering by mixmaster ODB the Bad Jam Records team trained all the 12 tracks on "Hi-Life Resurrect" to top music experts for private critique and quality checks. The tracks merited high positive review marks at each technical listening and that gave the Bad Jam Records team an even more expert confirmation that "Hi-Life Resurrect" is indeed a respectable body of work that has a firm authenticity in its production.

The album is stuffed with neo-retro African rhythms to give it a strong commercial appeal that bridges both the older and new generation of music consumers. 

"Hi-Life Resurrect" is a sure September release, the Bad Jams Records PR confirmed.

...PUBLISHED on 27th August, 2022.

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