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WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel

Suge Knight, the UK-based CEO at LondonHills Production (a multi-niche multimedia house) has announced his big move to set up a state-of-the-art music recording studio in his residence in Takoradi in his ongoing talent-support quest towards the music careers of artistes within Takoradi and the entire western region. 

Suge Knight's music recording studio is straight up an auspice under LondonHills Production in the legal books, but the studio will be popularly side-linked to WestSide Records (Suge's incoming record label). This is very much so just for Suge to carve a solid separate popularity for the record label and make it a big household name within Ghana's showbiz space while his company LondonHills Production takes a reigning mother fame for the movies it releases and the other projects it conducts --- such as WAEA (Western Achievement & Excellence Awards), LondonHills FC and WestFest. 

WestSide Records, as a home to both upcoming and established artistes within the entire western region, will be running several music projects for the region's artistes in the aspects of multi-genre cyphers, various artiste EP's and LP's, zonal music concerts, in-label funded international collaborations, career training, media tour and  moves that will help push music from the western region to the global market. 

Due to Suge Knight's constantly expanding corporate connections and direct personal relationship with influential dignitaries in high positions, it won't be surprising when WestSide Records earns near-monopoly in running commercial voice works for major companies in the western region.

... PUBLISHED on 7th October, 2022.

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