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WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel

The break was just a mere break for Gabi DeFeel, as the songstress has hinted on her hard comeback with a public post of her pending returnee release which hits the blogs anytime soon.

"None Other", according to team source disclosure, is the lead song heralding a ready dozen of hit-potential songs from Gabi DeFeel on her rebound into showbiz after her two-and-half hiatus from active music.

The lyrical theme of "None Other" is not yet a public know, but it's either a love piece that sings of an irreplaceable partner or a defensive piece Gabi DeFeel has around her reign to a throne, which of course would be about her career royalty in some brand discipline.

However the theme is, if the parental advisory logo on the "None Other" artwork conceptually really relates to the song's vibes, then Gabi DeFeel is coming back with her usual sexually provocative trouble which the public has missed.

When "None Other" comes out, nobody outside Gabi's team knows, but the release date seems soon ---- as there are music store pre-save rumours that suggests that the songs is already in release mode online.

Close sources say Gabi DeFeel is poised to give her starved fans a solid comeback, because she would be prolific with releases to re-impress her brand.

2023 might bring back that hot and naughty Gabi DeFeel that that 2018 showed the world.

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