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Ghanaian Rastas BOYCOTT Alkaline's Visit

A few minutes after Nana Dubwise, one of Ghana’s top 5 selectors, announced on his facebook timeline that Elephant Man and Alkaline would be performing in the country on 4th March, Ras Aswad instantly met the announcement with a wrathful objection which was particularly directed at Alkaline. Dubwise’s comment thread wasn’t alone, Black Authority fierily seconded Ras Aswad’sobjection on another social media platform asking the government of Ghana to ban Akaline’s coming.

Ras Aswad is a devout Pan African who advocates afro-centrism, Black Supremacy and African cultural-worth. He expressly bases his objection to Alkaline’s presence in Ghana on the artiste’s excessive body scarring, corrupt musical message and his unwholesome influence on the younger black population.
The common inference derived from the statements of Ghana’s fore front reggae musicians prove that they strongly consider Alkaline as a brainwashed agent of the capitalist demonic agenda which is to create mass inferiority complex in black children. To them, Alkaline is a misguided youth whose artistic brand and anti-uplifting message can cause mental decadence among black teenage populations.

Mutabaruka also made a statement this past Saturday at the Aburi Gardens, Ghana, which implies that he's not in support of Alkaline's visit, because it neither will  push the Black Supremacy advocacy forward nor impact the Ghanaian teen population positively.

Ras Aswad and other like-minded rastas are still clamouring for a mass objection to Alkline's possible presence in the country.

1.Who is bringing this bleacher and misguided youth here to further corrupt the minds of young people in Africa? what is the mission and agenda of those behind this move? who are they working for? Ghana is already in a bad state of inferiority complex by WHITE JESUS invasion and inflicted by the IMF, GMO, EBOLA, EPA Etc. Now we are going to add Alkaline to IGNORANTLY be an agent of self inflicted destruction to also carry out the agenda of white supremacy, THROUGH CULTURAL IMPERIALISM? The Rastafari , Christian, Muslim and Pan-African community should boycott it and the Government should ban Alkaline from coming to Ghana if we have any moral integrity. Just like the Batty man dem ban our conscious artist from touring. Death Before dishonor!! RAS ASWAD

2. I was also impressed with some of his songs but when i started to research on him i realized that he was nothing but a misguided youth, who Babylon is using to bleach OUT their black beautiful melanin skin. Talented youth, i love his vibes but hate the message and the work he is doing for the imperialist demonic forces against African people. Wi nuh compromise!! nor bow!!


Up above are Ras Aswad’ three strong protest statements, directly aimed at Alkaline without euphemisms. He angrily beat the bush head-on with a fiery wrath.

#PulseTurnUp Concert, the event in question, [which will take place at the Accra Sports stadium on 4th March is being organized by Fantasy Entertainment with massive sponsorship from MTN (Ghana’s biggest telecommunication company) and supported by Turkish Airlines, Midland Savings& Loans, Hitz fm, TV3, 4Syte TV and ToonToom], is coming off in honour of Ghana’s 59th independence celebration.
The alias theme given to #PulseTurnUp is “Ghana Meets Jamaica”, as it brings Jamaica’s Elephnat Man, Alkaline and Kranium on stage with Ghana’s Samini, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy in a somewhat stage clash  performance where Elephant Man clashes with Samini, Alkaline with Shatta Wale, Kranium with Stonebwoy.

The next two artistes officially announced to be supporting the above six clashing artistes are Kaakie and MzVee, both Ghanaian females.

Another very disturbing fan resentment revolving around the #PulseTurnUp artiste bill is the enlistment of MzVee, whom the country’s reggae-dancehall fans hardly consider a pure reggae-dancehall artitse. They say the event isn’t of her elective genre, so she’s not qualified to be on the bill, even as #PulseTurnUp is branded a reggae-dancehall rave. As to which other pure female dancehall artistes should have been enlisted in addition to Kaakie, popular suggestions are AK Songtress, Denora, Sheege Styla, Renner, Nyamekye, and Empress Bubble. Mappy is omitted on the suggestion list because she’s currently in Amsterdam furthering her education.

Biggest Boss, Ghana’s second best reggae-dancehall promoter, also resents the omission of incoming artistes on the event’s bill. He’s of the view that incoming artistes shouldn’t be omitted at big events, but should rather be offered such platforms to showcase their young talents. He strongly objects to MzVee’s enlistement and perhaps frowns on Kaakie’s.

Between now and February 15, ticket to the event is being sold at 20 cedis via the dedicated MTN mobile service short code *777#. The cost will be shot up to 50 cedis after February 15. So far, 13play.net isn’t aware of the ticket denominations, but we infer some VIP invitations are being circulated to a select few or some special Fantasy Entertainment contacts.

Regula Rebel,
C.E.O, 13paly.net.

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  1. I support the sentiments raised against Alkaline and the fact that young talents were not billed to showcase their hidden talents....But I also strongly believe that On that night lot of this guys will be allowed to bless the stage as this idcwhst usually happens even with the gettoh show not all artist who will be performing will be on the flyers

    1. so true that a lot of artistes not officially on the released will perform.Ii think Iwan will be in stage.


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