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With his RIPTour meant for promoting his singles,
13play.net engaged the rising sensation in Dancehall in a tete a tete and these are the answers he gave in his submission.

13play.net: Xhila Roy how are you doing?

XRoy: Am doing fine sir.

13play: It’s my first time seeing you but I think you look smaller than your words you use in your songs, hope your numerous girls are not making you overwork?

XRoy: hahahahaa………….
I am not lanky because of too much sex. If you check my background, you will realise that in my family we don’t have a lot of fat people. So I am smallish because this is the real me and it is genetic.

13play: from presenter to dj to master of ceremony, now music. How is music treating you?

XRoy: Yeah man, my thing is passion-driven. Once it’s an inward desire, it keeps haunting you till you hit your target. I like challenge, cos it gives me a reason to fight to reach the top. Where there is a will there’s is a way. God gifted me with this, so he will bless my struggle.

13play. Tha’ts lovely! How do you pay studio bills because people go into music to make returns. Do you make money in your music?

XRoy: Wow, for every start-up business or venture, you will have to make investments. I am a fresher in this, and I knew from the beginning my cost of production will exceed my profit. But I don’t beg to feed( smile), I buy the food I like to eat at anytime. If I see any sneakers that look nice I buy. Also I’m able to buy call credist on my phone, so I’m not the worse in life.. hahaha!

13play: Your new song “Like Solomon” is making waves on radio. What motivated you to put such lyrics together, ARE YOU A WOMANIZER??

XRoy: interesting! I don’t know your context for "womanizer" but if you mean to know whether I am the type of man who moves about having sex with every girl I see then "NO". To me personally, everyman is a womanizer cos in the human population the women outnumber the men. A lot of men go to jail and others won’t marry because of religious reasons. By virtue of that there will be more women than men. Some ladies will have to share to get that natural attention and once men are moved by sight we are natural flirts. Unless those who are afraid to approach women.

Again the best companion a man had from creation is woman not "smoking" and not "alcoholism. I guess you are convinced with my answer.

13play: hahahaha....
I have been following your interviews on radio. There is one question you always leave unanswered and I will ask you again. SHATA WALE AND STONEBWOY, WHO IS BETTER???

XRoy: That is a difficult question...
But comparing the two is like comparing a "RESIDENTIAL AREA" to a "GHETTO COMMUNITY" because they have nothing in common, that is why they are both enjoying international success...

13play: [laughs]
What will you finally say

XRoy: I thank all those who believe in my talent. Am nothing without them. To my new admirers, I have a new single out called " DEM NO GET NOTHING" and you can get it on my handles.
@XRoyGH on twitter
And XHILA ROY MUSIC on facebook.

13play: Thank you for your time.
XRoy: Don’t mention....

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