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GH’s Best Reggae-Dancehall DJ, DJ Nature Won.

GH is undoubtedly replete with a million plus Reggae-Dancehall DJs, but the most highly admired among the lot is DJ NATURE WON, all other renowned GH DJs of the above duo music genre critically compared.  He’s that one eminent ‘’spinning brand” that has successfully incised into the hearts of most Reggae-Dancehall fans in the nation’s capital and beyond. This deep incision, perfectly combined with his skillful turntablism and promoter-friendly ethics, makes him stand out tall as the most frequently booked professional DJ for all GH’s popular and most delicate Reggae-Dancehall events, be it a mini setting or massive rave.  

“WON”, his showbiz surname [which is simply the corrupt spelling of “one”], has powerfully influenced his career and persona, evidently giving him a defensible claim to our spin house’s champion belt, as he fairly merits the number one spot on GH’s top Reggae-Dancehall DJs short list.  He’s not only best at DJ’ing but also possesses the right professional skills needed to master a ceremony, with his lovely flair in oratory.

That DJ NATURE WON is the generalissimo in the mass DJ army is no mere verbal profession, even as there is enough obvious practical evidences to back his title. As an invincible clash beast, no other colleague DJ within GH’s Reggae-Dancehall niche can play NATURE WON and win. So impossible!
With an arsenal full of the wickedest ever duplates and very intimidating signature phrases, these “ice cream jumpan sounds” can never survive his strenght in a sound clash. He’s, considerably, the most-feared notorious name in GH’s sound system culture.

Considering his universal mastery in turntablism, this DJ can handle any audience, regardless of the caliber. At a multi-segment event, he switches contrasts to fit the phases of the occasion, thus every partisan gets a fair service, eventually. His session is often eventful. He understands the psychology in music, hence, he responsibly treats his corporate audience to a perfectly therapeutic playlist that pilots them on a romance-esque flight, knowing that the usual dancehall slackness and militancy never flatters the corporate code. But to save his street credibility, DJ NATURE WON keeps it strictly ghetto with his youth fans. He’s bound to defend the street, musically. Once the ghetto feeds on strong songs that fuel mental adventures and inspire youthful revolutions, it’s both denial and offence for the DJ to go against that.

It feels like a bashment live session, listening to the DJ’s mixes or mash-ups. His presence is felt the entire time it lasts. Pressing play on any DJ NATURE WON mixtape is worth it, even as it adds great value to your commute, trip or leisure. Any musical work from the Bank of Music boss is rated par excellence. 

DJ NATURE WON has stage-managed every GH Reggae-Dancehall artiste from Samini, Stonewuoy, Shatta Wale, Iwan, Papa Wastik, Black I, Jupiter, Episode, Ras Kuuku, Lingua Kat, Osagyefo, Konkarah,
 K Danso, Buddaman, Scata Bada, Massani, Jah Lead, AJ Lyrix, Jah Amber, Kofi Fanti, Shatta Rako, Gold Teeth, Rudebwoy Ranking, Bastero, D Sheriff, Fiifi Selah, Clara Kay, Captan, X Blankson, Joni Blaze, Kay Tee, Fishbone Carleone, Ijudah, Blakk Messiah, Bukom Dancehall, King Vuvu, Denora, Bad Gurl Donia, …….Oh Gosh!, a list so long that naming just a few leaves the unmentioned disgruntled. Probably, all incoming Reggae Dancehall artistes get to work with NATURE WON before they hit mainstream. He’s still stage-managing more veteran and upcoming artistes, event after event.  

Based on the DJ’s tried and trusted spinning skills and popularity, no week ever goes by without him getting booked for shows. Once his name is on the poster, the promoter is guaranteed that his appearance will pay off.
Below is a slightly truncated list of the shows he played last year.

Statement of events, DJ NATURE WON.

Jan 1:  
Feb 13: King Vuvu And Friends, Sky Bar Nite Club.
Feb 16: Bob marley’s Birthday Bash, Rising Phoenix.
Mar 20: Nino Vibz And Friends, Akuma Village.
Apr 22: Bubble Chalice, Labadi Beach.
Apr 25: Show Dem Love Concert, Dome Gym centre.

Jun 13: Shades On Shorts, Diplomat Beach Resort.
Jul 1:     International Reggae Day, La Tawala.
Jul 19:   Sanlah Music Festival, Kawukudi Park. 
Jul 23:   Emperor Haile Selassie Earthday Celebration, Akuma Village. 
Jul 25:  Conscious Queen And Friends, Kasoa.
Aug 8:   Puom Beach, Princess One Love Bay.
Aug 15: Heights of Reggae Dancehall, Rising Phoenix.

Sep 12:   Iwan’s Birthday Bash, Rising Phoenix.
Sep 13:   Homowo Live Beach Concert, Prampram.
Sep 16:   Takeover Wednesdays Reggae & Dancehall, La Tawala.
Sep 21:   Kwame Nkrumah’s Birthday Celebration, Rising Phoenix.
Sep 26:   Ras Kuuku Gbanggbang & Up Up Up, Dome Gym Center.
Sep 30:   Wednesdays Reggae And Dancehall Launch, La Tawala Beach Resort.

Oct 15:  Sanla Jam Party, Sky Bar Nite Club.
Oct 16: Biggest Boss Hosts Rudebwoy Ranking, Sky Bar Nite Club.
Oct 24: Reggae Dancehall Tun Uo, Akuma Village.
Oct 30:  Pure Dancehall Madness, De Temple.
Oct 30:  A Night With The Boss Chick, Sky Bar Nite Club.
Oct 31: Emperor Haile Selassie’s Coronation Celebration, Rising Phoenix.

Nov 20:  Dancehall Uth Bash, Sky Bar.
Nov 25:  All Black Party, Sky Bar.
Nov 25:  GH Reggae Road Block, La Tawala Bech Resort
Nov 27:  Addi Self All White Party, Sky Bar.
Nov 27: Bigg Nash Promotuons Presesnts Dreams, Hortikal Nite Club.
Nov 28:  A Night of Power, Akuma Village.

Dec 2:   Reggae Embassy The Take Over, La Tawala Beach Resort.
Dec 4:   The Annual Farmer’s Day Concert, Akuma Village.
Dec 4:    Farmers’ Day Jam, Sky Bar.
Dec 4:    Friday Reggae And Dancehall Launch, Calabash Beach.
Dec 4:    Dancehall Wyne, Hotikal Nite Club.
Dec 11:  Dancehall Rave With Multi Rolls, Sky Bar Nite Club.
Dec 12:  Akwaaba Reggae Dancehall Bashment: 
Dec 18:  Captan All White [Clean Heart Music Video Premiere, Sky Bar Nite Club.
Dec 23:  Bigg Nash Promotions PresentdsExplosion. Sky Bar Nite Club.
Dec 24:  The 3rd Edition of Reggae Charity Concert, Rising Phoenix.
Dec 24:  Sexy Girls Champagne Party, Sky Bar Nite Club
Dec 25:  Hip Hop Meets Dancehall In Nima.
Dec 28:  Xmas Jam With Tinny: Sky Bar Nite Club
Dec 29:  Rymix Pub Welcomes AJ Lyrics, Rymix Pub.

Probably, this six line chorus below clearly answers why top promoters never stop booking this DJ.

To salvage their event from dull, bore and dire
DJ NATURE WON is the only DJ promoters hire
His playlists and style of delivery blaze like fire
He injects party energy into the partisans’ wire
Raving energetically, everybody is far from tire
This DJ’s reputation never sinks down the mire

Being a very reliable dj, DJ NATURE WON more often gets multiple bookings, yet he hardly cancels his appearances, no matter the demand pressure, his tight schedule or other conflicting commitments. Start talking to GH’s number Reggae-Dancehall DJ now on 0204143443. Remember his playlist isn’t genre-specific; he plays all other genres as well, not just reggae and dancehall.

 CREDIT: Regula Rebel, 13play.net.

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