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DJ Oojah is a professional UK-based Ghanaian disc jocker who plays reggae, dancehall, AfroBeats an other genres mostly in the UK and sometimes in Ghana when he visits home. He  was christened as Tettey Odonkor but he assumed Oojah for a branding purpose..

Growing up in Alajo [Accra, GHANA] as a young chap, turntablism was more like a grand calling for the young Tettey than just a raw hobby. He clung to it with the firm determination to make it his side career as a radio rep or freelance dj.

During his high school days at Aggrey memorial secondary [Cape Coast, Ghana], Oojah still had the keen aspiration to be a dj and a radio presenter after school, but he would then have to be on a self-taught journey to achieve his disc joking dream as he never had a ready mentor to teach him the rudiments of the art. It took him several weeks of gradual patient study, going through a series of no-teacher lessons to master the basics of professional disc-jocking.  

In a retro scope as to when his craft-mastering really took off and how the feeling of finally realizing his key entertainment dream was like, Oojah would say “It is always a sharp recalling of a period of an amateur dj trying his raw skills at song selection and mixing when he only knew a few professional tricks, but I now see a successful me that made it from playing to myself only at home to playing to a commercial audience in a business setting”. “This happy transition is evident that my aspiration to be a professional dj has paid off, so I never regret chasing the dream”. Yeah, the dj’s success didn’t stick at home, today he earns deals to play in the clubs, at beaches and other event grounds that need a musical treat from a professional dj. Doing it big in England amidst other selectors from Jamaica and other parts of the world, Oojah has grown from a ground surface brand from to a competitive brand.

No other thing than burning passion sprung Oojah into disc-jocking. He easily gravitates to music, thus it was passion that led him into the real world spinosphere.

Oojah selects multiple genres, but reggae is his prime forte. He’s been hired to warm birthday parties and other gigs. He currently plays on JamRadio. With him on the JamRadio’s employ are ten other DJs and a couple of presenters.

Being a reggae-dancehall selector, it’s a cultural normality of Oojah to belong to a certain sound camp or even own a sound for sound clash purposes as is done Jamaican and Europe, but at this writing, Oojah is neither yet fraternized to any sound camp nor established his own sound system, but he has professed his readiness to respond to sound clash calls anytime now for fun or prize.

Dipping into the Oojah dub box, one finds just a few dubplates, but the dj is still connecting to get more dubplates and spiteful drops to stay ever-fit for any future sound clash.

Responding to the recent market beating AfroBeats is giving dancehall, Oojah also confirms, aside mass observation, that AfroBeats is taking the main spot these days in Europe and America……but he is confident both genres will remain equally relevant if they continue to share certain rhythm similarities despite their individual unique elements. Oojah testifies that it is dancehall and AfroBeats tunes that light up the clubs the wild way these days.

Like every other busy DJ, Oojah has mixes too and his mixing frequency is more prolific as he makes a new mix each time he has a virtual session on JamRadio. All Oojah mixes are officially collected via @audiomack.com/oojah.

Somehow bizarre but so true, Oojah stands out as a unique dj among other dj’s through self-expression by taking each session as a serious work and playing in a certain pattern he deems identifiable with his brand.

Answering the question “what's your advice for the artistes that want to do commercial music”?, Oojah took a controversial stance, saying “being commercial is like doing the kinda music many people can relate to, in other words using good lyrics”. He made it sound like non-commercial music is not of good lyrics, but he is not to be misunderstood because most commercial artistes also give the same reply that their songs are of a commercial worth because they come in good lyrics.

DJ Oojah shares a memory of his worst session as when he first played AfroBeats tunes to a non-Afro audience that was not privy to the grove of the genre.

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